What people said about lancastrians...

“Absolutely amazing. I got quite emotional. The acting was superb, I haven’t experienced such talent before like this. I was mesmerised.”

Anon, 41-64, Lancaster

“Blown away. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 10/10.”

Anon, 41-64, Preston

“Tremendous. Multifaceted. Enthusiastic. Relevant. 3 people filled the performance. Funny. Sad. Makes you proud of your town. Excellent.”

Pat, 65+, The Wyre

“I absolutely loved it. It felt like looking through a photo album… I thought the actors did an amazing job of completely embodying each different character. Also (I THINK) there was a woman in who had inspired a story about the asylum seeker. I really won’t forget her face as she watched it be played out. Magic.”

Helen, 41-64, Morecambe

“It’s one of my favourite things I have EVER seen. I don’t think a writer could ever have created those characters. The magic of verbatim! Such rich storytelling. The way it was all connected was incredible. Kept on our toes in the best way.”

Coral, 23-40, Wigan

“Very informative, comedic and impressive. A great atmosphere and incredible actors. Felt very welcome and was very relatable.”

Adam, 5-15, Skelmersdale

“It was like a sociological study performed live. Really effective work. Enjoyed it!”

Anon, 41-64, Chorley

“Wonderful! Very touching, warm, balanced and clear. Cracking sound design, superb acting, impeccable direction.”

Piers, 23-40, Hulme

“Really enjoyed it. I genuinely think this is an important piece politically and creatively and more people should see it! Really good to just let the opinions be heard – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Amy, 23-40, Horwich

“I honestly really loved it. It had the right mix of honesty, humour, realism and really touching moments. It felt like an honest, pure and unfiltered view of not just Lancashire, but the North of England and the UK as a whole. Really impressive and I loved the set!”

Anon, 23-40, Bradford

“Absolutely amazing – felt proud to be Lancastrian! The use of real life words all stringed together to create a great labour of love to Lancashire was delightful.”

Megan, 23-40, Chorley

“Loved the set, very atmospheric, actors were fantastic, lovely to see and hear so many real people’s voices”

Rosemary, 23-40, Burnley

“Heartwarming. Welcoming. Tender. Honest. Didn’t shy away from sharing experiences/opinions of those that could be considered disagreeable/controversial or provocative. Challenged me to think about where I live and what I can do for my community.”

Anon, 23-40, Rochdale

“This was an exhilarating, interesting and occasionally very moving story about my home county. It touched upon many themes which are really important to us all – the importance of the past, but the impossibility of halting change, whether for better or worse and its impact on Lancastrians old and new.”

Anon, 65+, Fylde

Junction 8 Lancastrians Dress April 2019
Junction 8 Lancastrians Dress April 2019