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Under the Market Roof by Becky Prestwich took place on the much-loved Chorley Market from 11-21 October 2017.


Ever since she was a child, Lisa has spent her Saturdays working on her Granddad Len’s hardware stall. Everyone knows old Len, the man who turned up on Chorley Market as a lad with nothing but a couple of suitcases of stock and made a life out of it. But Len hasn’t seemed himself lately, and Lisa starts to wonder if the ‘L. Shaw’ sign above the cabin could be ‘L’ for Lisa. She loves the market and the people at the heart of it, but is her Mum right when she says there’s no future in the market?

This new play by Becky Prestwich (Chip Shop Chips, Doctors, Holby City) was inspired by a series of interviews taken with those who work and shop on Chorley Market. Under the Market Roof is a warm, funny, thought-provoking play about community, family, ambition and the connection we have to the place we live.

We were thrilled to work with Bee's Country Kitchen, the Bob Inn and Pizza Pronto who offered delicious food and drink before the show.  

the team:


Writer Becky Prestwich

Director Liz Stevenson

Designer Katie Scott

Sound Designer Richard Smithson

Lighting Designer Matt Leventhall

Casting Director Peter Hunt

Production team:

Producer​ Nick Stevenson

Production Manager Jack Leech

Head of Production Phil Geller

Stage Manager Steph Carter


Community Cast:

Lisa Amy Drake

Len Russell Richardson

Karen Sarah Jane-Lee 

Jay Naveed Choudhry

Scott Brerton

Helen Clarkson

Renee Clitheroe

Danika Etchells

Chris Franic

Vicky Gradwell

John Hayes

Eleanor Hawthorne

Sue Hilton

Alex Magill

Megan Mackay

John Stevenson

Erica Stones

Alex Townson

Trevor Williams

our supporters:

Thanks also to our sponsors:

Premier Trade Centre

Euxton Sports and Prestige

Abrams Ashton, Chartered Certified Accountants

Howdens Joinery Co. - Openshaw

We'd also like to thank everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign:

Adam Quayle

Brenda Dell

Elin Stenner-Matthews

Gus Miller

Kash Arshad

Jess Courtney

Will Hedges

Tom Selves

Richard Owen

Davinia Jokhi

Pat and Gill Egan

Speakeasy Bar

Louise Clarkson

Martin Stevenson

Nick Walsh & Zoe Pickering

Paulden Hall Productions

Amy Fisher

Tim Foley

Jennifer Stretton

Lyle Fulton

Dao Nguyen

Joan Kershaw

Edmund Prestwich

Dan O'Connor

Andy Routledge

Lisa Allen

James Herbert

Alex Thorpe

Chris Honer

Greg Link

Ian Townsend

Karen Lauke

Laura Boyd

Rob Leventhall

Vincent Stevenson

Will Pimblett

Mark and Kat Doerr

Ali & Nigel Holgate

Robin & Jane Logie

Ginny Lee

Helen Clarkson

Will Randall

Jenny Reeves

Emily Hann

Simon & Julie Dale

Matt Addis

Rose Williams

Alex Hollingsworth

Music Box Theatre

2Magpies Theatre

Samuel Erskine

Anna Wheatley

Tom Brennan

Ilinca Radulian

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